MAJOR, Social Housing, BE, IXELLES2023
BLAES, Residential, BE, Brussels2023
TOBY, Public Infrastructure, BE, Etterbeek 2022
SYN, Commercial, BE, Ixelles2023
KID, Public, LB, Betchay2018
PLACE AUX PLANTES, Horeca, BE, Ixelles2023
LE 13EME, Residential, LB, Beirut2015
2+2=5, Education, CH, Geneva2019
WASTE, Public, BE, Molenbeek2020
TRIANGLE HOUSE, Residential, BE, Waterloo2019
BELGRADE, Public Residential, BE, Forest2020
CLOS, Public Residential, BE, Ixelles2020
KOTO, Residential, BE, Schaerbeek2022
LIVING FACADE, Office, LB, Aamchit2012
LINCOLN, Residential, BE, Uccle2017
DUCHESSE, Residential, BE, Molenbeek2022
CHANTERELLE, Residential, BE, Waterloo2020
CARMELITES, Residential, BE, Uccle2019
KUMPS, Residential, BE, Overijse2019
MN, Residential, UK, London2022
COMME CHEZ SOI, Public, CH, Montreux2014
DOMU, Horeca, BE, Uccle2021
6 FEET UNDER, Furniture, LB, Beirut2016
KNUST, Exhibition, BE, Molenbeek2018
COLLEGE DES PARCS, Education, CH, Neuch√Ętel2020
ESCAUT, Public Residential, BE, Molenbeek2021
LA BELLE ECHELLE, Public Infrastructure, CH, Charmey2013
LOCO, Horeca, BE, Everywhere2020
POMPOMPOM, Public Infrastructure, CH, Grand-Saconnex2014
PATRIMOINE GENETIQUE, Education, CH, Yverdon2014
GRAND 8, Residential, CH, Lausanne2015
HISTOIRE NATURELLE, Education, CH, Fribourg2018
PLACE DES ENFANTS, Education, CH, Prangins2018
POLLINISER LA METROPOLE, Public Infrastructure, FR, Bordeaux2016
HHD, Exhibition, LB, Beirut2015
BEIRUT FIELD, Study, LB, Beirut2013
LX3, Residential, LB, Rayfoun2012
ELHUB, Public Infrastructure, LB, Lebanon2008